Spring Repair

Onsite Spring Repair

Our most common call is for a broken spring, and Hallzy's mobile repair team is here to provide rapid repairs. With a Hallzy's Garage Door spring repair, you know it's going to last!

Broken spring and a new Hallzy's Garage Door spring

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) reports more than 7,500 people each year are pinched by their garage doors, most due to spring replacement. It's best to leave this job to the professionals!

It's important to use a high quality spring to keep your door in good working order. Using the correct weight and size of spring will ensure that you're not putting too much stress on your garage door opener.

Hallzy's Garage Door makes repairs easy! Just shoot a photo of the damaged spring and text or email to us. In most cases we'll be familiar with teh spring and be able to provide an appropriate replacement.

In addition to replacing your broken spring, your technician will complete a 25-point safety inspection on your garage door. This inspection lets you know of any other potential issues that may be lurking. Whether you choose to address any of those additional maintenance items during our visit is completely up to you. Our technicians come prepared with their truck fully stocked with replacement parts in case additional repairs are needed, so we can usually fix your issue on the spot.

How much does spring repair cost?

The type of springs your door needs factors into the cost so we don't have a flat replacement fee. In fact, we carry over 30 different types of springs and can custom manufacture a replacement for you. We recommend replacing both springs even if only one is broken. When one breaks, it's only a matter of time before the second one will too, so we recommend saving yourself the hassle of another service call and replace both at the same time.

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